Route to success: How 4 UPES students are transforming the commuting landscape in Uttarakhand

By Ekta Kashyap
01 December 2021

Venido, a start-up founded by Devankan Pathak, Sachin Kumar, Tanu Priya and Nazish Akhtar, aims to provide 24×7 cabs at affordable rates for outstation and local commuters

One of the hallmarks of a thriving urban city is the quality of its public transportation system. Better conveyance can revive the way a city functions by providing affordable connectivity to a large part of the population.

Dehradun, one of the premier tourist destinations in India, has around 250 city buses plying on the existing routes of the city, with an average frequency of 15 minutes, according to Smart Cities Council, India. However, people often face issues while commuting due to unorganised bus routing, overloading, and a dearth of passenger information system.

Thus, there was a need for a transportation service that was efficient, reliable, and secure.

Determined to solve this problem, four UPES students –  Devankan Pathak, Sachin Kumar, Tanu Priya and Nazish Akhtar – started Venido.

‘Venido’ is a Spanish word, which translates to ‘I come’. The name is apt for the students’ enterprise, which aims to provide 24×7 cabs at affordable rates for outstation and local commute. Incorporated on May 21, 2019, in Dehradun, Venido has completed 300+ rides with a services sale of approximate INR 2 lakh so far.

Transportation impacts people lives in several ways – from economic vitality to their psychological well-being and state of connectedness. The cab service is improving the scenario of how people travel in the entire Uttarakhand region.

However, this success within a short span of time would not have been possible without the support of UPES Council for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (UCIE), recounts Devankan Pathak, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Venido.

Talking about his experience at UCIE’s recently organised two-day incubation program, UDYAM, Devankan says, “Start-ups and entrepreneurship have turned out to be the most common topics in college, but I believe people don’t realize the real meaning behind it. Having a great idea is important, but having a good support system that is always there to mentor you is paramount for your entrepreneurial journey. After becoming a part of UCIE, we have access to a wide range of networks, workshops, guest speakers and events. They are not only limited to mentoring, but also work with you as a team, motivating you to think continuously. Their guidance has shaped me as an entrepreneur and a better learner as well. This has truly changed my life.”

Sachin Kumar, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the company, agrees. “At the end of the day, it is about the implementation of the idea, and how well it is executed. I am grateful to UCIE for providing us with the necessary support for our endeavour.”

Tanu Priya, Chief Marketing Officer, adds, “I would like to thank UCIE for giving us the freedom to express our ideas without boundaries as well as guidance and resources to pursue our passion.”

Reflecting on his experience, Nazish Akhtar, Technical Team Lead, says, “UCIE assisted us in transforming our idea into a viable business. The incubation support made it easier for us to cope with uncertainties in our entrepreneurial journey.”

UCIE was formed with the intention to advance the novel ideas of start-ups and early-stage companies. It is a business incubator with a focus on technology sectors in the Delhi NCR and Uttarakhand region. The mandate of the centre is to assist entrepreneurs of the UPES community (faculty, staff, alumni, and students) as well as the external business community to commercialise their product/service ideas and accelerate economic growth.

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